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Telekung WholeSale And Retail Form Vietnam

Telekung Vietnam play a crucial role in producing telekungs on a larger scale to meet the demands of the market. These factories utilize specialized equipment and skilled labor to manufacture telekungs efficiently. Here's an introduction to the process and features of telekung factories:
Manufacturing Process: Telekung factories typically go through the following steps in the production process:

Design and Pattern Making: Telekung designs are created, and patterns are made based on the desired style and measurements.
Material Selection and Cutting: Fabrics are chosen and cut into the required sizes and shapes for the telekungs.
Sewing and Assembly: Skilled workers sew various parts of the telekungs together, including the body, sleeves, and head coverings.
Finishing Touches: Telekungs are inspected, and any necessary final touches or adjustments are made before packaging.
Equipment and Technology: Telekung factories are equipped with sewing machines, cutting machines, and other tools necessary for the production process. The use of technology and automation has also become more prevalent in modern factories, increasing efficiency and reducing production time.

Quality Control: Telekung factories prioritize quality control to ensure that the end product meets the required standards. This includes inspecting the materials, checking stitching and finishing, and assessing the overall quality of each telekung.

We Have 3 size Tekekung L, M, S

One For mother, two for kids

We offer free shipping to Malaysia, any method, any quantity we accept

WE have more things you see, just contact to us.

Our strengths:

Top Garment Techniques: With a talented and experienced garment team, we are committed to bringing you scaled telekung rings. We guarantee every stitch will be treated with respect and every detail will be thoroughly inspected.

Superior Materials: We use only the finest quality for your telekung. The product is soft, breathable and comfortable, brings a pleasant feeling and does not cause difficulty in use.

Diverse and fashionable designs: From traditional telekung to modern designs, we update the latest trends to meet your application and style. Let you telekung express my own and your truth.

Custom Order: We are happy to accommodate your special requests. Whether it's a specially decorated telekung or your own size, we will create the perfect product for you.

Embroidery Which any design you want

+084 0939 139 019

Liên Hệ : 0939.130.019

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Telekung Vietnam

If you want to order, please contact via whatsapp or mail.
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